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In 1857, Steele finagled large portions of Fort Snelling out from under the government's feet with the help of the U.S. secretary of war, John B. Floyd and  New York speculators and legislators.

In 1871, Gordon humiliated local investors  and was hunted down in Canada by the Minneapolis Police Department who almost caused an international incident when they were arrested and jailed there.

Franklin Steele
Lord Gordon Gordon
Doc Ames
Mayor of Minneapolis, beginning in 1876, whose criminal activities were memorialized in an article called "The Shame of Minneapolis" written by Lincoln Stephens and published.in McClure's magazine.

Bud Nash
Hennepin County Attorney who helped organized crime ship millions of dollars worth of Canadian liquor into Minneapolis during Prohibition.  Accepted bribes and was removed from office.

Wilbur Foshay
Built the Foshay Tower to celebrate his fortune, then lost tens of millions of his investors' funds through a pyramid scheme just before the economic crash of 1929

Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce /
Board of Trade
Colluded with privately held grain elevators and the railroad industry to keep commodity payments to farmers  artificially low,. This went on until the signing of the Capper-Volstead Act adopted by the United States Congress on February 18, 1922.

Louis N. Ritten, Minneapolis Alderman
Confessed to graft being accepted by members of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce from wealthy businessmen seeking favors in the Alderman Graft Case of 1928.

Minneapolis Police Chief Frank Brunskill
Coached prostitutes testifying in the murder case of Reverend Knute Birkeland, in 1925, to try and convince the jury that Birkeland died of sexual excitement.

Minneapolis Mayor
Marvin Kline
Had close ties to organized crime member, Davie "The Jew" Berman.  Served time in prison for bilking the Sister Kenny Foundation out of millions of dollars.

Annette Fawcett

A close friend of Kid Cann and other underworld figures, Fawcett was convicted of selling pornography across the state line when she added nude photos to the Eye Opener magazine in the 1920s.  Rumored to have had a dalliance with Governor Floyd B. Olson.

Ferris Alexander
The F.B.I. connected local pornographer and racketeer with the New York Genovese Crime Family.  Alexander was convicted of selling pornography and engaging in racketeering.

Big Mose Barnett
An old fashioned all-around criminal with ties to organized  crime spanning several states.  Hennepin County Floyd B. Olson appeared to show extreme leniency with Barnett.

Union Boss Tony Schullo
Organized unions without employee compliance and shook down employers to prevent strikes.  Considered employees who didn't join unions as employing "unfair labor practices."

Isadore Blumenfeld
aka Kid Cann
A native of N.E. Minneapolis, Cann rose to the level of Godfather, eventually taking over the liquor industry. He lost the gambling concession to Davie "The Jew" Berman. Thought to be responsible for journalists' deaths.

Rocky Lupino
Born and raised in "Dog Town" in N.E. Minneapolis. Alleged hit man for Kid Cann.  Served time in prison for the kidnapping of Anthony DeVito of St. Paul.
Lupino died in prison

Frederick Ames
Col. Frederick W. Ames, superintendant of police, who served under his brother, Doc Ames, iin early 1900's. Charged with accepting bribes. Served timei in Stillwater prison.

Co-founder of the South Minneapolis Baldies street gang in the 1960s.  Ran errands for hit men John Azzone and Rocky Lupino.  Shared a  jail cell with organized crime member Nick Civella.

Deuce Casper
Perry  Millik
Member of the South Minneapolis  Baldies street gang.  Front man for the Lebanese Alexander Brothers.   Organized  crime member involved in drugs and real estate fraud.


1.  a person engaged in illegal enterprises for profit