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Though once accused of grain price manipulation,prior to the Capper-Volstead Act of 1922, this monument to capitalism has since honed its reputation as a stable and reliable trading environment, MGEX has a reputation as an excellent place to do business and is located in an architecturally significant building.
Grain was once smuggled to the mills of Minneapolis by horse and buggy.  Take your kids to visit the Mill City Museum located in the preserved remains of a grain mill located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The exhibits include an animated elevator ride that will take you back in time. Hold on to your hats and be ready for an "explosively" great time.
In 1857, The United States Government was fleeced out of thousands of acres of Fort Snelling  property, along the Minnesota River Valley, in a conspiracy orchestrated by United States Secretary of War, John B. Floyd, and local businessman Franklin Steele.
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Vusit the museum and observation deck of the Foshay Tower built by racketeer Wilbur Foshay. The Foshay Tower was the first skyscraper built in the state of Minnesota and remained the tallest building in Minneapolis from 1929-1971 The Foshay Museum and Observation Deck is located inside the Foshay Tower, the site of the hotel W Minneapolis - The Foshay.

Liquor Stores Once Owned
by Kidd Cann's Combination
Chicago-Franklin liquor store at 800 Franklin, Avenue,

East Side liquor store at 429 East Hennepin Avenue

Lake Street liquor store at 9 East Lake Street

Harold’s at 900 Marquette Avenue,

the Loring Liquor Store at 1370 Nicollet Avenue

Danny’s bar at 1416 Chicago Avenue

Flame bar at 1523 Nicollet Avenue

  Brown & Bigelow's president, Charlie Ward was thought to have ties to the Walter Liggett murder.   He was also part of a hunting party in northern Minnesota that ended with the mysterious death of CEO Hubert Huse Bigelow in 1933.
  In 1947 the FBI investigated Ward after having found evidence proving  Ward had borrowed $100,000 from organized crime member Bugsy Seigel.
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